Espero que las fans minsun no se molesten conmigo por hacer estas entradas, lo que pasa es que mi esperanza de que ellos pudieran estar juntos se resiste a desaparecer, mucho mas aun cuando aparecen fotos como estas .. que simplemente no hacen mas que avivar un poco mas esa esperanza.

Espero que a las fans hyunsun del blog, les gusten estas nuevas vitaminas …. cortesia de Simona.


45 comentarios en “[HyunSun Vitamina] Un guardarropa y poses similares ??

  1. que puedo decir son perfectos ^^ gracias a ti y a simona mis esperanzas sigan vivas y pues gracias de antemano a los dos ^^ debo decir que las fotos en especial la primera me han parecido sumamente interesantes


  3. Hi HyunSunnies!
    i want to show you something!
    i like the girl whom KHJ chose for his MV, she’s blonde and very white skin and this reminds me of our angel Hye Sun!!!
    and i think KHJ likes blonde girls and the girls with light skin, for his “let’s party” MV he chose a blonde girl too! he want to say something through this!??
    at the end of the teaser

    and we know that Hye Sun dyed her hair blonde and only in private not in public, and only for him!!! he has his own angel at home! Hye Sun!

    Hye Sun looks like an angel in white on the red carpet!

    in BOF BTS at the wedding scene he said about her that she looks like an angel!
    Trans weding scene by Sue in description box:
    KHJ talking about GHS: “As I look at HyeSun-ssi in a dress,,,she truly looks like an angel. Lovely. I think Hye-Sun-ssi looks best in dress. She seems pretty.”

    for he, she look like an angel, and for she, he is her “nearly angelic boy”, so nice!
    Hye Sun said: “A very good and kind hearted person who is nearly angelic. I just fall for such a person. He can be so kind and so innocent that others may look at him as a fool”

    idk why ppl think only LMH can like Hye Sun, LOL! KHJ had a huge crush on Hye Sun, he still love her, he didn’t lose her 😉

    some BTS pics!

    what were they doing there alone!? they caught them talking! keke

      1. yes i am a boy .. a boy in love with his noona too but knowing that one can love like a platonic love that she chooses a good man and I think that may be kim hyun joong .. but if not I hope the choice will make you happy

  4. HyunSun Evolution! Real and Visible things and skin-touch between them 😉
    and i love the moment when she gave him the chair! so sweet of her, caring and thinking of him, her bf!!! 😀
    seems like she’s not so loyal gf for LMH, LOL


    2010-2011-2012 KHJ-marry me, marry you and GHS -marry me


    and this, they likes autumn, fall leaves!

    LMH and KHJ wearing same clothes!? they are only promoting clothes, many actors promote clothes!

  5. Hi, Happy New Year, have a wonderful and peaceful year for everyone!

    i love the fact that Hye Sun used the name “Hyun” for the characters Sang-hyun and Dong-hyun in Peach tree! just an observation.
    she used something from her lover, always she is thinking at him when she’s working!!! keke 🙂

  6. i can’t find any strong reason for why she didn’t want to begin the year with her fans???!!! I hope she’s in a good mood, and will comeback 😦
    her heart is beating for another boy and they need to be suported, that’s what she want from her fans!? 😦

    in 2009 at the reunion night event HyunSun dressed similar elegant when the others were dressed casual like in during the day party! she during the day was dressed casual and in the night was elegant also KHJ 😉 KHJ and the others wasn’t during the day party. In during the day party was only GHS, Lee Min Jung and LMH and the staff. they worked together is normal to have fun at the party! interesting, no?!

  7. there are not so much eng translation is more vietnam subs.
    i will comment some parts that i know

    at the min 2:18 they are talking about the memorabil BOF Kiss, you can see here with sub esp from 1:32 “Pero estaba realmente nervioso. pero Hye Sun noona me ayudo mucho”

    at the min 3:26 from your video, he is talking again about the kiss, and saying again that he was nervous… and then HyeSun is talking about the fans, LMH and KHJ’ fans that they were very good to her, one of KHJ fan gave her a letter and she opened it but it said :please give this to KHJ. so, the fan gave her a letter to can give it to KHJ to connect
    them! keke so nice!

    and then at 4:30 form your video KHJ is talking about GHS car accident. you can see here at the min 8:07 he was worried for her recovery, and he choose to play at the piano the song “i miss you”, that’s nice!!!

    at the min 5:38 from your video he is talking about this “2:57 – Host : Please say something to GHS , 2:59 – HJ: HS noona, I hope/wish to become closer to you, 3:03 – HJ: Break down the invisible wall between us”,
    you can see here, with eng trans in description box

    and about the wedding scene i wrote more above, is a video with the wedding scene

    KHJ is not like LMH, He is very retained and serious, is very discreet with his personal life, no one connected him with a girl, he was/is very careful to keep his girl in secret, maybe because is a girl at who no one think can be, keke, but i connect him with GHS and i found interesting things 😀 only through his songs he says more things!

  8. HyunSun red wine couple!!!
    they looks so good, and hold the hands so alike on the glass! He taught her well !!!

    more pics here
    [Trans] Kim Hyun Joong – Bae Young Jun Wine & People Book Launch [10.08.11] in 2010
    Kim HyunJoong said recently he is learning to drink red wine from his boss and also senior, Bae YongJoon, and is deeply attracted by the charm of red wine. ❤

    and for 2013 calendar

    and i love how they matched their clothes at some events, like a couple!!!


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